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The BaitShark Story

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Hi, I'm Matt Avery, the mad scientist behind BAITSHARK®.

As a dedicated kayak angler, I hit the water 2 to 3 times a week. My all-time favorite bait? Live finger mullet. But there was a catch - this bait demands a substantial amount of oxygen. My experience with a regular bait bucket was frustrating. Every time I paddled, it submerged and slowed me down, forcing me to pull it onto my kayak behind the seat. I'd paddle, watch for activity on the flats, and by the time I reached my destination, my bait was often lifeless. It was a continuous struggle, reminding me to refresh my bait frequently.

With my background in aeronautical engineering, I applied fundamental fluid dynamics principles and conducted extensive field tests. The result? BAITSHARK®. It was a game-changer. Once I had a prototype I was proud of, I bid farewell to my old bait bucket, relying solely on my BAITSHARK®. No more dead bait, no more hassle!

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